Why do coyotes bark and howl at night?


The coyotes can go on for hours barking and howling at each other. Why?

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If it’s anything like wolves, it’s to scare potential prey towards the rest of the pack and communicate with others.

It’s a form of communication and there could be a number of reasons why they are howling.

* Coyotes are territorial, so the howling may be to help defend or define their territory and keep competing coyotes away.
* Coyotes are pack animals, and there is a social structure to their groups. Howling may be communicating between members of the group, perhaps to help define social bonds or hierarchy, or keep track of the group when they are split up.
* Coyotes also hunt in packs. They could be using howling to coordinate a group hunt, or to scare prey into a trap set by the other members of the pack.