Why do files download at different speeds on different devices on the same network?



i.e. downloading on a console is quicker than downloading on laptop

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Signal strenght if using Wi-Fi, supported Wi-Fi speeds and bandwiths, download server, everything matters

It’s the weakest link in the chain explanation. Your connection to your ISP can be at X speed, but if their connection to the service you’re using is at Y speed, you’re only going to get Y speed. Also, if you’re using wifi or a crappy router or old cables or too many people in your area are using the same ISP, that can all affect your speed as well.

Also different devices will have different top speeds. A hardwired PC and a wifi connected cell phone will have drastically different top speeds.

Remember that downloading is a two part process. Your computer could have th fastest connection method with their highest bandwidth available and still get abysmal speeds depending on the server you’re talking to.

You can’t download faster than your network chip can receive packets, your CPU can process the data, and your storage drive can write the data being downloaded. So if one device constantly downloads faster than another that could be one reason.

Even ignoring differences in device hardware or network connections, the fact is things download at different speeds on the internet because you’re downloading from different servers that have different upload speeds, and ultimately it depends on how much other traffic there is at the time. It’s not a coincidence we use the term “traffic” for transmitting network data, each car is a user trying to send data; a wire, like a road, has a limit to how much data it can carry; and too much traffic results in congestion which slows everything down.

Consoles are only going to be downloading from Sony or Microsoft servers who have lots of bandwidth, a laptop could be downloading from Amazon or from a desktop in some person’s house. That could explain why if you are seeing a console consistently download faster than a laptop, and it’s not because of different hardware, or wired vs WiFi or something.