why do heating pads ot hot water bottles help with stomach pain?


why do heating pads ot hot water bottles help with stomach pain?

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Most stomach pain is cramps or spasms. Heat relaxes those muscles so that they stop spasming.

Temperature has a few effects.

Heat causes blood vessels to open up, letting more blood flow through. It causes muscles to relax. It can cause joints, ligaments, and other tissues to loosen up. It can reduce certain types of inflammation and directly soothe some types of pain.

All of those together are useful on many types of stomach pain. Encouraging blood flow can help the body with illness and sickness by increasing flow of assorted body fluids and chemicals. If the pain was due to clenched muscles and cramping, encouraging the muscles to release can help. If the pain was due to inflammation and swelling, it can help both directly with the pain and indirectly through fluid flows. If it was due to constriction or restricted motion, the loosening of joints and ligaments can help.

Cold application constricts blood vessels, causes some muscles to shrink down, and can also reduce some types of inflammation and ease pain. It can also have a numbing effect so you don’t mind the pain of an injury so much.

Usually after an injury you’ll apply ice first for a day, a few minutes at a time to not cause injury, and the cold reduces bruising and can pull injuries together to restrict motion until it heals a little. Then after a time (often 24 hours) you’ll switch to warmth applied in regular intervals.