Why do hot chocolate and chocolate milk taste different?


The other night I wanted chocolate milk but didn’t have chocolate syrup or cocoa powder. I just heated up some hot chocolate mix in milk and then put it in the fridge for an hour. When I drank it I can’t explain, but it tasted like hot chocolate (even though it was cold). It did NOT taste like chocolate milk. So, why do the two chocolate powders (hot chocolate mix and cocoa power) taste different in milk?

In: Chemistry

Best way to find out is to read the ingredients. It’s pretty common in my experience for the two to be made of different things, particularly in sugar ratios.

Also, heating up the milk will have denatured a lot of the proteins in it (changed their shape) which might alter the taste of the milk itself. You could try testing this by pouring a cup of cold milk and also refrigerating a cup of boiled milk and seeing if they taste different.