why do hot showers and baths feel so good?


why do hot showers and baths feel so good?

In: Biology

I think it´s something we learn to enjoy. A conditioning. Kids often resist baths and showers because they experience it as chaotic or uncomfortable, so I guess the joy of freshness is something that evolves when we get self aware enough to be bothered by a feeling of uncleanliness. It´s probably related to social codes too. We feel better when we are good smelling and groomed among others.

Id imagine it would have to do with heat causing your muscles to loosen and your arteries to dilate allowing better circulation. Not to mention the buoyancy (in a bath) relieving the joints and allowing you to self-deprive you of your senses for a bit and take a break. Unwinding from relative overstimulation.

I was a water bug even as a little kid. My mom said the bath tub was the best baby sitter, I would play forever if she let me. The water makes my muscles feel relaxed, I love it so much.

I have a friend though who simply dislikes being wet for whatever reason. She doesn’t like to go swimming and she uses dry shampoo a lot.