why do humans like fried food?


why do humans like fried food?

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Like sugar and protein, fat is a vital nutrient.

For most of our evolutionary past fats were hard to come by so we indulge in them when they become available.

For the first time in history, here in the modern era we live in a food toxic environment. That is there is so much food of so many varieties that the things that used to be the hardest to get are now extremely commonplace. So the part of us that evolved to eat things like fatty organs, fruit, and so on whenever given the chance, now misfire to have us gorge on the plenty around us even though it is not good for us.

In short it’s tasty and delicious precisely because it used to be rare and difficult to acquire.

Because humans enjoy fatty foods. The fat dissolves and concentrates flavor and odor chemicals. It’s why you can taste sizzling bacon before you eat it because the flavor molecules are already in your mouth and nose.

Carbohydrates are pure concentrated *energy*. Your body desperately wants that. A bunch of calories tightly packed in a small package, easy to digest. It’s exactly what you need. We’ve evolved to find carbohydrates delicious, to encourage us to eat them as much as possible. In an era of hunter-gatherers, this was a good idea, carbs were pretty hard to find. In our modern era of supermarkets, carbs are so plentiful and easy to find that “eat every carb you get your hands on” is no longer a smart survival strategy. But we evolved in a time when it was a smart survival strategy. Obesity was nonexistent before the invention of agriculture. There simply was never enough food to allow anyone to eat so much they could get obese. You’ll notice there’s no obese wild animals.

Also the [Maillard reaction](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maillard_reaction) (the process of food browning when cooked) creates a tasty flavor that we enjoy for some reason.