Why do microfiber towels clean lenses better than virtually any other fabric?


I wear glasses. I have a terrible habit of touching them all the time, so they’re often smudged/dirty. I’m admittedly just SO bad at cleaning them, and it’s basically a lost cause unless I have a microfiber cloth. What makes them so special for cleaning lenses over other materials?

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Imagine your lenses are like a playground full of tiny, tiny dirt particles. Microfiber towels are like a team of tiny, friendly octopuses. Each octopus has lots of arms that can reach out and grab the dirt particles from the playground.

Other fabrics are like crabs with fewer and bigger arms. They can’t grab as many dirt particles, so they’re not as good at cleaning.

A microfiber cloth won’t clean as well as silk. Not that I am saying you should use silk to clean your glasses because it will wear out really quick. It’s about the space between each thread allowing dirt/oil to pass. Picture a comb with 4 teeth brushing your hair. It’s going to miss most of the knots but last forever. A comb with 50 teeth. It’s going to catch most of the knots. A comb with 100 teeth will catch every knot but will also break more easily because its teeth are smaller. Microfiber cloths fall into that sweet spot durable and lots of threads to catch the dirt.

Just a LPT. They fill up with the oils and don’t wash well in new washing machines. I soak mine in isopropyl alcohol 90% and squeeze. Rinse and repeat 2 more times then hang up to air dry.