Why do most hotels have carpet floors?


I don’t think I’ve ever been to a hotel that doesn’t have carpet-like floors. It must be harder to maintain as well because of the dust and stains.

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Carpets are big dust collectors. But that’s an advantage: vacuum them regularly and get all the dust.

Mop, wipe, broom tiles and you’re just creating clouds of some of the dirt. If you’re not really thorough, guests will notice any remaining spot. Also less water and detergents.

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* Cheaper to replace carpet than other options in most cases.

* Sound dampening. Carpet absorbs much more sound that hard flooring, and silence is a good thing in hotels.

* In my opinion the right carpeting can make a room/building feel more “homey” than hard flooring.

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Carpet is the standard, so that is what customers expect. Almost certainly hotels have tried to experiment with rooms that don’t have carpet and found they did not sell as well.

That said, having worked in the hotel industry I can tell you that carpets found in most hotels and motels are incredibly cheap compared to those in houses, to the point that they are practically disposable. Rarely does a hotel keep them for more than three or four years at the most.