Why do most if not all security cameras have such bad quality?


Phones nowadays have cameras that are so perfect in quality, yet security cameras are mostly always so grainy so why? You can get a phone with a perfect extremely high quality camera for a few hundred these days, sometimes even less

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Higher resolution equals large file sizes. Have you ever recorded an overnight video on your phone? Try it and see how many gigabytes it consumes. Security cameras need to have good enough resolution to fulfil their basic function (identity if a person is breaking in etc.) but still keeping data storage as small as possible.

It depends on when they were installed. If a company spent a lot on video security 10 or 15 years ago they may not be in a hurry to replace it just because technology has improved.

It’s probably due to space constrictions. Phone cameras when they take a video may take up like 20 to 100 megabytes for a minute or two. But security camera are constantly taking video 24/7 and they need to store that video for maybe a week or two so overtime they need a lot more storage.

On top of that that, the reason pictures from phones look so good because they use a lot more pixels to make that image, more pixels used for an image so therefore more space is needed. Vice versa with less pixels needing less space but that produces a more grainy picture. So security cameras are probably more grainy because they use less pixels per second of video to save on space.

they should invent a system with two cameras per housing. one standard grainy video cam for always-recording action to keep video files small, and a nice hi-res photo camera next to it to take super-detailed color images every few seconds

Used to do security at a department store. 24 cameras all recording 24/7 and you have to store all recordings for 30 days. That is a lot of storage. Thats why they’re so shitty. Just 1 hour of 1080p footage is 1.4 GB.