Why do nearly all guides to seasoning a wok say to fry an egg?


I flaired this as “other” because I don’t know if this is a science or cultural question. I can’t think of why it would be important other than to test that it has become “nonsticky.”

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>I can’t think of why it would be important other than to test that it has become “nonsticky.”

That’s why.

Side benefit, fried eggs are generally white. If it hasn’t been cleaned and seasoned properly you’ll end up with a mess with flakes of carbon and other junk on that will probably give you cancer.

egg proteins are verrry sticky til they cook to a certain point.

If the wok is actually seasoned then the egg shouldn’t be sticking to the wok.

Just to check the wok is seasoned properly, as eggs are easy to stick.

Though here’s something I would like to share: You don’t really need to specifically season your wok before your first use. Just heat up the wok to slightly smoking for a bit, add oil and swirl it around for about 20 – 30 seconds, and start cooking. It’ll make it nonstick, and the coating will come naturally after repeated use.

Also, just abuse your wok (somewhat). Cook all the acidic food you want, boil water with it, scrub it with steel wool, wash with dish soap, just heat the oil sufficiently before you put in food, and you’re good to go.

Hell, I probably have committed a Reddit cardinal sin by cooking tomato pasta sauce in a blued carbon steel wok I got off Taobao, and I stripped all that blued seasoning. Still nonstick when I get the oil hot enough.

I read an artical on the science of seasoning a few years back, in the section talking about bacon (old fashioned, plain bacon) being good to season a pan , the proteins and other compounds specific to meat and I assume egg would be the same, help to smooth out the built up seasoning. and makes for a tougher seasoning.