Why do news websites take so long to load, what is the website trying to do?

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As soon as I can tell it’s one of these data-hungry “NEWS” websites I just close it. I have really a good connection too. Don’t they realize they’re losing views by being such shitty websites?

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There are lots of ways to “fix this”

* Ad Blocker
* Turn off java script
* Use a blocklist in your host file
* Use a browser like Firefox (as opposed to Chrome or Edge)
* Use containers so websites can’t see what other tabs you have open.

The ad blocker and host file will take calls to known add sites and data harvesting sites and simply bypass them.

Blocking Java Script (through my ad blocker) lets me choose trusted sites for allowing JS, but by default stops new sites from running script (programs) that are probably more for their benefit than mine.

Firefox tends to harvest and sell less data about me.

Containers tell the web site it is the only tab open.

I use [U Block Origin](https://ublockorigin.com/) as my primary ad blocker. It very much speeds up browsing in my setup.

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Load the 750 adverts and cookies that are embedded on the page?

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Because they are monetizing you. They are getting advertising revenue, they are helping people track you. In effect the “news” is a nice worm for you to bite to hide the hook. 🐛 🪝 💰

Do you have ublock origin installed, and if not, why not?

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Press F12 to open up the developer tools, and click on the “Network” tab. Then load into a news site. You’ll notice dozens upon dozens of things being loaded, mostly analytics stuff, ad stuff, tracking stuff, etc. Many of these will do network calls on their own after they’re loaded, too. All in all, it you’ve probably loaded many MBs of JavaScript scripts, all doing things.

If you disable JS and reload, you’ll see the page load instantly.

EDIT: I was curious and turned off adblocker and went to CNN.com. After 2 mins of not doing anything, it had made over 1200 requests https://i.imgur.com/PBj56UB.png