Why do nosebleeds happen?



It’s so weird that one moment my nose isn’t bleeding, I sneeze or blow my nose, and all of a sudden it’s like I opened the floodgates in my nose and blood drips out? Why is this?

In: Biology


It can depend. If you’re getting nosebleeds in the winter time, it’s likely that your mucous membranes are dry, and when they get dry, they can crack and bleed.

It might be from some trauma. I.e. you’ve been rubbing it and abrating it for some time (blowing your nose) and the tiny blood vessels there popped.

There are several others, but I’d think those are the major ones for when it would be random.

There are blood vessels in there that are easier for some people to break open. Some people have very few bleeds some people get them often. Usually dryer climates can make it worse for people that are more likely to get them, dryness can make those vessels a little more brittle and fragile.

Blood vessels by their nature carry a decent amount of blood so it can come out like a faucet until it clots up. Then you have sometime where it’s a tiny scab and easy to open again if you pick or blow right after it stops.

In rare cases the rupture is bad enough that medical attention is needed to caurterize the opening to force it closed. Usually it will stop on its own after a few, some people plug their nose to get it to stop. Typically it’s not recommended to tilt your head back as to not fill your sinuses with blood.