Why do our stomachs get upset, why does it treat normal food as bad when eaten in the wrong order?


Edit: not wrong order but wrong timing like cereal and fish

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I have no experience with this, nor have I ever heard of anything like this. It sounds a bit upsetting.

Normal food eaten in the wrong order? Like you had a bowl of dry cereal and drank a glass of milk? Or like you ate dinner for breakfast and lunch for dinner and breakfast for lunch?

Your body doesn’t care what order food is eaten in.

Some foods can be harder to digest than others. If you eat them on an empty stomach your body might have a much harder time with it; such as trying to drink just alcohol on an empty stomach. This isn’t so much the order as that food is just harder for your body to process.

When you’re already sick it’s best to eat foods that are easy to process. Typically this is simple carbs like bread or rice. Meat is generally a bit trickier to process so could cause an upset stomach to flare up.

I don’t think this is a stomach thing, more likely a mental thing, your brain detecting that two things eaten together taste bad and thus telling your stomach to contract and try and vomit it up. You can repress the urge to vomit, but it can still make your stomach do weird things.