Why do people get itchy?



Why do people get itchy?

In: Biology

If something is on your skin and it shouldn’t be, the body needed to find a way while evolving to get humans to remove the irritant.

Bug is on you. Now you’re itchy. Bug gone.

You feel something amiss and your first instinct is to scratch and remove what ever is potentially trying to hurt you.

Itchy is just how you perceive the sensation of swelling or trauma to the skin when your body wants you to get rid of what is causing that feeling.

Itch receptors are actually pain receptors, you feel an itch when they fire below the threshold that the body considers pain.

As others have said, the itch is caused by pain receptors triggered at a low level but the relief you feel when you scratch an itch, that almost indescribable pleasure you sometimes get, that is a reward your body gives you for attending to the itchy sensation, for taking care of yourself, to make sure you’ll do it again. It shows the importance of scratching an itch that you get that kind of reward for doing it. Think about it, you don’t even get a pleasurable reward like that for moving away from pain, only the end of the pain which is good and all but not exactly a reward like scratching an itch. It’s kind of interesting (if you’re a certain kind of person, I guess). Now, it’s not always beneficial in the long run, sometimes scratching makes it worse and all that, but that reward you get for scratching makes you want to scratch even when you know you shouldn’t.