why do people need to be taught about sex?



Why is it that humans need to be told about sex but it seems every other species that uses sexual reproduction knows it instinctively? am i just a fucking idiot?

edit: once again i have proven myself to be an absolute imbecile.

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It would come naturally if we didn’t have sex ed too. It did before. Sex ed is supposed to be (but isn’t because it’s often garbage) more about safety, pregnancy prevention and making sure they have the proper information instead of school hallway misinformation about something with such consequences.

Human society requires a lot more family planning than animals do. People would figure it out without formal education on the subject. At least they would figure out that sex is pleasurable. But, in the process, there would be a lot more unwanted pregnancies.

They don’t need to be taught about it in order to do it. It’s instinctual. What we teach people about is how human reproduction works in a physiological sense, how people get pregnant so you can avoid it if you want, how diseases are spread and how to avoid them, etc.

Humans don’t need to be told about sex.

Humans need to be told about *safe* sex, about how getting pregnant happens, about STIs, about social norms, etc.

Humans don’t *need* to be taught about sex. Put ten babies in a room and give them no outside human interaction, and once they reach puberty they’ll start figuring out sex pretty fast, because we have an instinctive drive to do it. In the animal kingdom (and humans before modern times), young creatures also have the advantage of seeing other members of their species doing it – nowadays, we tend to value privacy and don’t do that as openly in front of our kids, thankfully.

The reason we teach kids about sex isn’t about the actual mechanism of it, it’s more about all of the stuff that surrounds sex. Things like consent, safety, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, all of those complex feelings that surround sex in a social context. That’s not stuff that’s instinctive, that’s stuff that humans have figured out to keep ourselves and others safer and happier. That’s what sex education is meant to be about, not just “put A in B, repeat.”


we know what sex is. sex Ed is more about population maintenence. deer also know about sex and use it for propogation but they don’t strictly control their population to sustain the environment that is feeding them. this is why there are systems like predators and prey. they act as population control. other animals don’t need sex Ed bc sometimes they will be eaten or die before they can reproduce anymore. humans don’t have very many natural predators that can place that pressure on us so we created our own systems.

No one NEEDS most of the things we do in life currently. We could absolutely survive without telling anyone about sex ever.

The reason we choose to and encourage people to tall about sex is because it leads to higher quality of life and longer lives. If people know about potential virus’ and the obligation of parenthood they can make informed choices which will lead them to a better life outcome.