Why do people start to “cackle” as they age?


Why do laughs turn into “cackles”, especially older women whose laughs turn deeper? Is it something with vocal cords or throat muscles getting looser with age somehow?

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As people age, their laughs may change due to the natural process of vocal cords and throat muscles becoming looser, causing the laughter to sound deeper and at times reminiscent of a “cackle.”

Why so much ‘up talking’ when you’re younger?

For women especially: The Menopause dramatically changes hormone levels. Basically, they become more manly, including deepening of the boys and stronger bears growth.

In my case, it was less worry about what people think. When a woman is 20 and concerned with appearances, she gives a demure chuckle. By 40, she’s less self-conscious about laughing out loud.

But then, I’m a trans man who cackles. What do I know? 😛

At ~30 years old and being a new dad, I’ve started to cackle at my children sometimes. Its just hard for me to naturally laugh for them. They seem to appreciate the cackling too