why do physical games require space?


I got a physical copy of Civ 6 for Switch not too long ago and decided to check it out today. It wouldn’t let me play it until I archived some other games. Why does the Switch need space when all the game data is stored on the cartridge? I’m getting another (very large) game soon. Will I need to archive many more games to play that or buy a new SD card?

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Bonus question: When I was going through to see wich games I had took up how much space, it seemed like there was a lot of space being that no game occupied being taken up by seemingly nothing. What is this, and is there a way to get rid of it?

I don’t know about the Switch specifically, but it’s because games are actually, mostly now NOT entirely on their disk or cartridge. For a lot of big AAA games, there’s not enough space on the disk for the entire game. And even if there was, having the entire game on a disk increases loading times by a ton, which degrades a seamless experience.

Some disks are also basically just holders for download codes for games and don’t really contain much of the game itself.

Also now that I think of it, the Switch may be requiring you to set aside space for future updates or existing patches for games. The Switch isn’t entirely run with local data now. That’s how they’ve been adding fighters to Smash Ultimate for instance.

The switch has a “guest list” and remembers your last entry of a game and some essential data. But not the entire world in the game or the updates patches and bug fixes comes with. That is why you have to redownload the game