Why do pimples feel so painful on touch?


Did new nerve endings grow on it or something to make it painful?

In: Biology

Pimples put pressure on the pore and make it larger than normal. All through the skin weaving around the follicles and sweat glands are nerves. If the pore is much larger than usual it’ll be pushing on nerves around it possibly causing a slight amount of soreness. If you push on it, you’re putting even more pressure on those nerves and a bunch of those nerves are then sending “ouch” signals to your brain.

Pimples are painful because they are inflammatory skin lesions. When a pimple appears, pro-inflammatory chemicals called cytokines act to increase vascular permeability, which leads to swelling, redness, heat, and direct stimulation of the nerves in the skin that sense pain (nocioceptors).