Why do PS5 and Xbox sell their new consoles around the same time, is it something they agreed upon? What other examples of this are there in the world?


Why do PS5 and Xbox sell their new consoles around the same time, is it something they agreed upon? What other examples of this are there in the world?

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They didn’t make any sort of agreement. Just that if one sells much later than the other then they’ll miss out on a bunch of sales. And you’ll notice both sold near Christmas to get in on that holiday season money which is why its around the same time

I think the development cycle is relatively similar, and also probably agree on a certain amount of time to give their previous console enough time in the spotlight. Other than that, one guy announces they’re gonna release their new console on a certain date and so the competition doesn’t want to give them a big head start so they release within a year.

They are kind of forced too. The one that achieves market dominance wins. That means the one who comes out first in a generation has a huge advantage. So, when one says a release date then the other has to match it. Even if their machine is not quite ready or their supply networks aren’t quite in place.

Few reasons here.

1) To try to win the market. As has been stated by others, timing is everything. Xbox 360 is a good example. It was released about 1 year before PS3. Both had good followings but it seems to have won the popular vote. PS3 was a great console and (IMO) the better console but 360 had the player base and recognition built to hold the market. Sony won’t make that mistake again.

2) It’s expected by the consumers and the media. Game news loves the “console wars”. It brings them a lot of traffic, ad revenue and affiliate link traffic.

3) Game Developers. Where do you think a AAA studio is going to put their primary resources: old hardware running 1080p @ 30fps or new hardware running 4K @ 120fps. Of course, this is just an example but every new generation brings new features that will attract developers which in turn brings players to the next-gen console.

4) FOMO (this kinda ties in to the previous points) Brand loyalty. Many/most gamers are loyal to their chosen console producer. But, FOMO (fear of missing out) is real and Playstation fans started to jump ship when 360 was released a year before their chosen console and because of this, many Playstation loyalists jumped ship to play with the newest hardware and their friends who swapped over to Xbox.

There may be other reasons but they can all be summed up to the [same thing.](https://i.imgur.com/HGwrxrx.jpg).

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