Why do rollercoasters ALWAYS have a slow/down or stop point mid ride?



My kids and I watch rollercoaster videos on YouTube and ride them when amusement parks are open, and I noticed that all of the rides seem to have a slow down point mid way. I wonder why, especially when the point is to ride through this quickly? I know a ride has to slow down at certain points, but its pretty consistent across the board.

In: Physics

If more than one ride vehicle is to be in motion at the same time (basically a requirement for any modern ride to be profitable and have any decent ridership), the design MUST allow trains to be stopped at certain points along the ride.

If a vehicle in front of another malfunctions and can’t complete the ride, any vehicles behind it that are already moving need to be brought to a stop, or else there will be a collisions between vehicles. To prevent this from happening, there needs to be an opportunity to stop safely between any two vehicles at any time