Why do sexual bachelor/ette parties happen before weddings?


Bachelor/ette parties are known for being very raunchy and sexual. The groom/bride is going to get married very soon, so isn’t s/he cheating while banging strippers and such?

In: Culture

Traditionally, a man wasn’t really expected to be sexually “pure” when he married. If a man engaged in sexual activity (with a woman who wasn’t his fiancée) before the wedding, it was regarded as poor taste, but not a deal-breaker. The bachelor party was regarded as his last chance to have additional partners before committing to one woman. An inexperienced man might even be dragged to a local brothel by his friends and relatives so he could gain some experience before bedding his (presumably virginal) bride. Hence the sexual content of bachelor parties.

Bachelorette parties didn’t become frankly sexual until later, when brides were no longer expected to be free of sexual experience.

It’s the last chance to do bad things before you promise to be good to each other forever.