Why do shoes narrow at the toes?



This is not how feet are shaped. What’s the deal?

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This design is often seen in shoes designed for women. The reason is to make women’s feet look smaller like an optical illusion and smaller feet is often seen as a sign of beauty.

[Look at this picture](https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0501/2485/products/nude_pointe_toe_flats_pointy_800x.jpg?v=1576455592) and you tend to ignore the length of the foot itself and focus on the overall shape. The smaller tip implies that the foot itself is smaller than it normally is.

[Now look at this picture](https://images.dresshead.com/images/womensshoes/Camel%20Heels/805355004/large/3.jpg) where the foot looks bigger because of the abrupt end near the toes.

The narrow shaped shoes does a great job at protecting your toes when bumping against hard surfaces, imagine bumping your toes against furniture with some feet shaped shoes, you bump your toes against all kind of objects in a daily basis more than you can imagine, thanks to the tip pointed shoes humankind lives a less painful life.

Good question. Aesthetics. Not all shoes do. In some designs, the toe area is wider, mimicking your actual foot, like Crocs and clogs. They are popular bc they are comfortable.