Why do singers often let their lips touch the microphone?



Why do singers often let their lips touch the microphone?

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For myself, it gives a steady constant volume and tone and helps me gauge how close/far from the Mic I need to be. Much like. Goaltender cracking the posts on his net to help gauge where he is in the crease.
when playing a guitar you’ll have a tendency to move away from the mike if you need to look at the fretboard.

In my experience it’s just the easiest way to make sure the mic is picking you up and that your mouth’s distance from it is consistent. Most vocal mics used in live situations are “dynamic” meaning they’re sensitive to differences in volume.

It’s the mark of a relatively untutored vocalist, which is why you’ll see all manner of pretty pop singers doing it but never someone who’s operatically trained.

Sound moves in a sine wave and a big part of vocal training is getting that wave ‘Forward’ of your face, otherwise it sits just in front of your teeth, which is why pop singers have a tendency to eat the microphone once they realize that’s where their most consistent sound is.

As a former sound tech I can comment on this, there’s actually very little wrong with kidding the mic. I’m reality I would coach new singers to “eat the ice cream” because it’s really problematic for people to sing further away from the mic.

Most cardioid mics have what is called a “proximity effect”. There’s a sweet spot where every sound is amplified. You’ll find singers who do this mostly during the verse part of a song and pull back to belt out a chorus. You have to account for it as a singer and learn to use it.