Why do some animals come out of the womb walking/swimming?


I’ve always wondered this. Like a giraffe can walk within a few hours. Fish and stingrays come out swimming immediately. It seems as though humans don’t have very many instincts other than to eat and cry. So I’m wondering about the technical difference.

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So this is actually a very interesting difference between humans and other animals. To a certain extent, all animals have functions they know how to do from birth. We didn’t have to learn to cry, or breathe, but as humans what we know off the bat is very limited. Compare this to a giraffe and they can walk within minutes of birth.

In these wild animals, the advantage of knowing all this when you’re born is huge as it allows you to survive. However, it limits their ability to adapt. As were born with the bare necessities, humans are able to learn and adapt to so much more in our lives than these wild animals would, hence why we are able to live in every climate (more or less) on earth.

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