why do some bodies store more fat than others?



why do some bodies store more fat than others?

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Well firstly It depends what you’re asking here. Do you mean, why are some people carrying more fat than others? Answer to that comes down to simply consuming more calories than they expend. Not everyone expends the same amount of calories as all bodies are different. However, 2 people at the same height, same age and same activity level will likely expend roughly the same amount of energy as each other. On a genetic level, people store their fat differently, which can visually make someone look bigger (fatter) than someone else at the same weight.

Depends on what you eat honestly and how your weight fluctuated over time. Fat cells shrink they don’t go away so if you weigh 180 lbs and lose 40 lbs those cells shrink, if you go back up in weight you gain new cells on top of those.