Why do some countries have super deadly animals while others dont?


Why do some countries have super deadly animals while others dont?

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All county have super deadly animals. The deadliest of them all are called humans and sadly their everywhere

Deadly animals live in all habitats. Before humans were around, there were deadly animals virtually everywhere in the world, save for perhaps a handful of deserted islands.

As humanity grew and spread, and learned how to defend themselves, animals also learned to keep away from human populations. For this reason the countries with large predator populations are generally the ones with large, mostly uninhabited spaces. The countries with high population density and few places more than a few miles from human settlement are generally the ones with no pllarge predators anymore.

One other factor to consider – especially in Europe, as society grew more advanced and more organised, there was in the last few centuries a growing trend of hunting and culling those large predators. That’s another major reason why Europe has very few dangerous animals in the wild.

Dangerous animals are fairly equally distributed.

You get some issues where in isolated places like Madagascar or Australia evolution takes some slightly different routes, but generally danger is something you get everywhere.

You might think that tropical places are more likely to harbor dangerous animals than cold ones, but as dangerous predators go you can’t really beat the polar bear on land or the orca in the sea and they are fine in the cold.

However humans tend to not play well with other animals. They hunt for food or to get rid of dangerous predators and destroy habitats to make room for agriculture.

Europe used to have cave-bears and lions and wolves (oh-my!) but once civilization got started there in earnest those went away.