Why do some drivers I sit in a car with gives me a headache/migraine?


Whenever I sit in my friend’s car while he’s driving, I get headaches/migraine. Compared to other drivers like my mom, I don’t get a headache at all. Why?

In: Biology

Some lower-skilled drivers change the car’s speed frequently and suddenly, and your neck muscles struggle to keep your head level. This causes muscle tension, which causes headaches.

Smells can trigger headaches, so maybe different air fresheners or the material of the car itself, etc

We can’t really know your personal reactions, but the next time you are in the car with someone who makes you sick pay attention to how they are adjusting the steering wheel. Some people drive while making many tiny adjustments to the wheel several times a second while others will only occasionally adjust the wheel position, once every second or two.

The latter style of driving results in the car bouncing back and forth within the lane, producing a replica of the swaying motion of a boat and making motion sickness much more likely. You can also watch other drivers on the road and note those who sway and those who do not.