Why do some flowers start blooming at certain time in the morning?


I live in the East Coast of Malaysia Peninsula. There’s this one type of flower I always pluck in the morning to use it in food colouring. I only choose blooming flower.

The sun rises around 7AM here. I usually pluck that flowers on that time. One day, when I came out again, I noticed the flowers on the same plant that didn’t bloom before were now fully blooming at 8AM. But one or two hour later, the same flowers that didn’t bloom at 8AM still didn’t bloom.

In: Biology

I forgot to put the name of the flower. Bunga telang =Asian pigeonwings

Competition. If the flowers all bloom at the same time then all the bugs and flowers would be in competition and many would die. But if only certain ones open at certain times, then only certain bugs will be out at certain times and only animals that eat those bugs etc., or too much sun will dry it or not enough moisture…If it’s advantageous for the flower to bloom differently then likely that flower will be better off but what if blooming at that different time brings it in more competition with other flowers or it has less pollinators out and the flowers will either die or do better and kill another plant…and you’ll be back to just a couple flowers blooming at the same time again.