why do some hairs change from straight to curly, back to straight —seemingly randomly? What exactly is happening/changing?



Motivation for post- my hair is very erratic- it’ll be straight for 4”, then have tight curls for 4”, then we all weird and kinky.

And each hair has its own random(?) pattern. Why????

In: Biology

Yes Whhhyyyyyyyyyyy!?! I describe my hair as “confused” not straight, not curly.. sometimes both at the same time.

That’s called “wavy”. It’s an incomplete dominance between the straight gene and the curly gene.

It’s caused by your genes. Not all genes are DOMINANT or recessive, sometimes they’ve mixed. Sometimes they’re “incomplete dominance” so some sides of both genes produce, and sometimes they’re “codominate” where both sides are fully expressed.

“Wavy” hair happens when incomplete genes express.