Why do some joints “click” and is this necessarily a bad thing?


As above, I have played football all my life and my right ankle and even toes click often, I can almost do it on demand. Why is this, and could this lead to medical complications; i.e.: arthritis?

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It is not necessarily bad. Can be though. My knee clicked for years. “Nothing, nothing, nothing” until I finally got referred to a specialist, who told me how bad my knee was and that all the previous radiologists I’d seen were idiots.

I’ve got a 6mm disparity in legs which has pushed my kneecaps inward and one of them popped the fluid to back of kneecap, that’s why it clicks

The sound of a joint “clicking” or “popping” is generally caused by the movement of gas bubbles in the fluid that lubricates the joint. This is known as cavitation and is a completely normal and harmless phenomenon.
However, if the clicking is accompanied by pain, swelling, or reduced range of motion, it may be a sign of an underlying joint problem, such as arthritis or ligament damage. If the latter is your case, go see a doctor my bruv.