: Why do some laptop screens look shinier that others?


I went shopping for laptops today and saw some laptop screens were have this ‘glassy’ look (like apple macbooks) while some laptop screens still uses LCD (Even the higher end gaming laptops).

Isn’t the former more aesthetic?

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All laptops use LCDs. OLED technology is still too impractical and expensive when you produce large panels of OLED. There has only been one OLED monitor and its thousands of dollars.

The shine is from the finish on top of the LCD. Matte finishes reduce reflections and give you (IMO) a more polished look. Reduces fingerprints too. A glossy finish on top of the panel would make it look nicer, but more prone to reflections and fingerprints. This is on top of the glass, which is on top of the LCD.

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Aesthetic is a subjective thing. Some people like the heavy gloss of the OLED screens and some prefer the more matte look of LCD.

They can have different advantages for users, like glossy screens sometime reflecting light, but being more vibrant, but matte screens not being as reflective but also not as colorful.

To each their own, and as long as people buy both kinds of screens, they’ll continue to sell them.

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I can’t remember which manufacturer had the option, might’ve been Apple a few generations of laptops ago. You could get the glossy screen for the most accurate color reproduction and clarity, or you could get the matte screen to reduce glare. It’s an aesthetic choice from manufacturers based on what they think the consumer will want to use their computers for.