Why do some noises produce a physical reaction in people?


When I hear scratching on a blackboard or polystyrene it gives me chills. Why does this happen?

In: Biology

the human brain consists of neuron which make connections based on which signals were processed by them under which circumstances.

what this means is that your brain develops neuron patterns which show specific behaviors to specific signals. That’s the simplest explanation we have for how memories, behavior patterns (or reflexes, but those are mostly not controlled by the brain) work.

In some circumstances, these neuron patterns can become very large and potent, and they can also invoke direct responses to specific sensations.

Well, your body reacts to sounds by using your brain to resurface earlier instincts. For example, sudden high pitched sounds (such as writing on a chalkboard) will make you feel stressful and “wriggly” because your primal brain tells you to run from the nonexistent predator or natural danger that is suddenly screeching near or at you. Interesting fact- us humans are so horrible, that clanging, metallic sounds resemble war, and can cause legitimate, unexplainable (by them) fear in some people.