Why do some non-porous materials take longer to dry than others?

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e.g. tupperware be wet forever.

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Firstly, just because something doesnt seem porous to the human eye, on a microscopic level it can 100% be porous.

But that does not really answer your plastic tupperware vs ceramic materials kind of question.

The answer is that ceramic materials are much more hydrophilic. Water likes to “stick” to them. Meaning if you put a drop of water down on a ceramic plate, that water is going to spread out more over the plate, increasing the surface area, which speeds up how quickly the water evaporates. Water does not do this with plastic though, it instead just forms beads/drops with much less surface area, meaning it evaporates much slower.

and, plastic isnt good at transferring heat, meaning heat from the tupperware cant really be “stolen” by the water to help the water evaporate.