Why do some people who get sea sick not get sick from driving a car?


I myself cannot handle the ocean, but driving a car has not caused any problem. Why is that?

In: Biology

Your brain understands motion that you expect or cause (turning the car’s wheel means you’re pulled towards one side) but gets confused when there’s motion not under your control (water waves or someone else driving).

I get seasick on a boat and can get carsick as a passenger if I try to read or am sitting in the back seat. Motion sickness is an effect of the brain, eyes and inner ear. They are not communicating effectively. When I drive I don’t get carsick. When I drive a boat I don’t get seasick.

The 5 year old explaination is to keep the horizon in sight. That way your eyes and ears agree. Otherwise your stomach will think your ate something poisonous and do what it knows is best. Driving means you’re behind the wheel and guess what you’re looking towards, a horizon.

If I’m not driving, I fall asleep in cars, planes, and boats within 10 minutes. I get motion sleepy. I don’t know why but the movement is relaxing to me.