Why do still births happen ?


Why do still births happen ?

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There are over 70 ways a baby can die.

Sometimes its a genetic condition, infection within the uterus, cord accidents (true knots, nuchal cord) Sometimes (like myself) it’s a physical anomaly with the mother, uterine or placental abruption.

Sometimes there’s no reason. Just unlucky. My OB said it’s a miracle babies are born at all considering all the horrible things that can happen.

Fortunately, modern medicine and proper, good and compassionate prenatal care have reduced the incidence of these tragedies to the barest minimum possible, but they still happen even with the best of the best of care 🙁

Things go wrong in fetus development.

It might be a nutrient that was lacking, it might be an organ that developed incorrectly. It could be trauma to the mother, or the mother’s antibodies attacking the fetus thinking it’s a danger.

There might be a genetic component, where something went wrong at the very start and didn’t cause a shutdown until the fetus was able to grow the part that failed to develop properly. A dna copying error might occur unexpectedly.

Things can also go wrong during the birthing process. A cord wrapped around a neck, a stalled delivery, or birthing-induced trauma can also cause the death of a fetus just before birth.

Childbearing and birthing are full of things that can go wrong, and most do so before you even know you’re pregnant. Unfortunately, some do not and only present near or at full term and cause still births and miscarriages.