Why do strong vibrations make me nauseous?


It happened when I went to see a concert live. I had to leave because the vibrations made me feel like throwing up and I dry heaved outside. I didn’t throw up but felt very queasy for a while.

In: Biology

Though I dont know your medical history, I would guess that it is a sympathetic nervous system response. The loud sounds, the vibrations, and probably so many people around you that may be combined with food and liquid in your stomach basically told your body you are in a stressful and possibly dangerous place and digesting food is not a priority so you throw it up. All in all, the body is weird and acts on whatever data is available.

You have a system of fine organs in your ear that have fluid and very fine hairs. (Google “vestibular nerve” and you will get to this system) That system of hairs and fluid gives you balance and spatial orientation by the way they move and bend according to gravity. The fluid and hairs can be fooled by things that cause them to move (like vibration from music) and they send signals via nerves to your brain that say gravity is not how it is supposed to be. This disorients your brain and makes you wanna puke.

At least, that’s the top of my list of suspicions.

Alternatively, maybe the music was just awful. 😉

Hope this helps.

Some equipments can create infrasounds. These are too low for human to hear yet they can cause some subtantial effect on your body. These include: anxiety, nausea, etc.