Why do tattoos that have been healed for years raise and swell


Myself and many of my other tattooed friends seem to experience this especially during allergy season. Google seems to have no definitive answer.

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Do you guys use a lot of red ink? I’m designing my first tattoo to get once this whole mess is over and have sensitive af skin, and based on allergies to specific inks, red inks that contain some specific element (Cadmium I think?) can “activate” in sunlight and cause an allergic reaction to the ink. Not sure why it would end after allergy season though.

The ink is sitting in an “in between” layer in the dermis. It’s never fully accepted into the body, it just hangs out as bits of foreign particles. Your body is still whipping out new cells constantly, so the ink patch migrates.

The one on my foot does this when I’m either sick or stressed out. However my other one has never done it. It’s strange. Both are just black ink, no color.