why do they still do those hand drawn courtroom images?

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why do they still do those hand drawn courtroom images?

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Most courtrooms outright ban recording devices like cameras being in them. The higher the court, the more likely this is the case.

That’s why courtroom videos are almost always for minor offenses not murder trials.

The Supreme Court meanwhile NEVER allows cameras to be present.

The problem is having cameras around can change peoples behavior. Witnesses and defendants could grandstand for example because they are on camera.

It can also be disruptive, you don’t want camera men with flashes and steady cams constantly moving around the courtroom disrupting the process.

Having the media that involved can also negatively influence the process. The media has a way of only showing potentially inflammatory moments in long cases and this can unduly influence the public.

The OJ Simpson trial is a very notable example of a case that was shown to the public and it became very polarizing and arguably became a massive public gong show.

Publicly airing court proceedings for a certain ex-President would also be terrible, as he is likely to use every opportunity to use it to grandstand, talk down the court and witnesses, and generally make an ass of himself for the benefit of the camera and his fanbase.

The workaround to this problem is to allow courtroom sketch artists that can sit there and quietly draw.

Meanwhile the entire case is recorded by the stenographers.

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