Why do Timelines for DNA Results Vary so Much?


I’m a Forensic Files and nerd and have noticed that DNA does not seem to have a standard turnaround time? Going from the late 90s to today, there seems to be a very arbitrary amount of days/months/sometimes years that must go by before the DNA is processed? Not to identify the bad guy, but just to get the profile isolated.

I understand available resources, and the urgency of the case play a role, but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere near standard amounts of time established to get information back? Why is the time variance so widely distributed?

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Ive never heard of it being years. The physical amount of time it takes to process the sample in a lab is about a day. If it takes longer then that, it has to do with paperwork, back-ups in the lab, analyzing results, importance, legality, etc.

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