Why do toenails become so thick and deformed when people get old?


And also, How to avoid it?

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Usually due to wear and tear. Toenails are subjected to lots of stress and trauma over the years. Another contributing factor is neglect and fungal infections.
To avoid: try maintain good hygiene, cut nails regularly and straight across, dry feet well especially if one is using communal showers or baths or swimming pools and make sure footwear fits properly. Hope this helps


It’s dna damage, more specifically nails and hair grow out of stem cells at the basis, so they age faster then the rest of your body, and acumulate more dna damage. It’s the reason your hair can turn white due to stress. The way to fix it is to start reading up on the molecular clock, sertuins and the science of longevity, short answer calorie restricted diet, intermittent fasting and lots of exercise, you’ll also notice your nails will grow at a reduced rate once you go into ketosis.

It’s caused by fungal infection, onychomycosis, … It causes the thick and deformed nature…

You can see your family doctor or a podiatrist if you have toenail fungus. If it’s severe, doing keto sometimes will take a year to work, during which time you still have a systemic infection. What a lot of podiatrists have now is a laser that will kill fungus immediately. You don’t have to do an unattainable diet to get it either.