Why do US grocery stores refrigerate eggs while UK stores do not?


Pretty much just the title.

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In the US eggs are washed which takes away the protection that eggs have on them. People in the us you dont want to see the blood and poop of your eggs.

In the US, eggs have to be washed. This reduces the chance of salmonella contamination, but it also washes off a protective layer that keeps bacteria from entering the shell. As as result, we have to refrigerate them to keep bacteria from growing. In Europe and many other places, the eggs aren’t washed. This means the protective layter is still intact, and the eggs can be stored at room temperature. Both ways are perfectly safe, it’s largely just a matter of preference.

After there was a salmonella outbreak (in the 70s I think) the FDA in the US implemented rules that required the eggs to be washed thoroughly. This removed the contaminants that were carrying the salmonella but it also removes the naturally occurring protective coating that eggs have. This means that contaminants from the air and surfaces that the eggs touch can more easily pass through the shell and the grow if the eggs are at room temp. This means that the eggs need to be refrigerated to retard potential bacterial growth.

Most of Europe does not have the same washing rules and so the natural protective coating is still there and they can be stored relatively safely at room temp. Though they too will last longer if refrigerated.

Keeping eggs in the refrigerator makes eggs last much longer. About 3 months compared to 6 weeks if stored in room temperature. So putting them in refrigerators reduces the waste.