Why do washing machines stop mid cycle?


My machine isn’t broken and every machine I’ve ever had does this but I was just curious as to why. I’ve googled it and nothing but broken machine fixes comes up. I know it isn’t to drain either as I’ve watched my machine do it and it’s pretty obvious when it’s draining.

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There are several steps where the machine does not rotate other then the drain and fill step. It might be heating the water, or letting the clothes soak, or other possible steps. Especially more modern washing machines that is made to save water and energy tends to have many of these steps.

Does it eventually start back up? Mine (front loader) has a soak cycle where it turns over once every few minutes and will eventually get back to business.

To all those previous answers, my machine weights the laundry 2 times. First time it checks at the start, then after a while of the cycle it weights it again and then decides to shorten the cycle. (I live alone and don’t (well, cannot 😀 ) use the full capacity)

e.g. at the start it says 3 hours. After an hour it goes into a break, checks it again, then rotates a little, checks again, rotates a little, checks again, then thinks about it and changes 2 hours into 1 hour 15 minutes.