Why do we feel so tired after spending time sunbathing?


When you spend the whole day just lying on the beach, you feel so exhausted by the end of the day. How come does it happen?

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You just hurt yourself.

All of that UV did real damage to your skin cells, and your body has to spend energy and effort healing them up.

Also, you’re probably dehydrated.

Next time, slather on sun screen like you’re an Australian and make sure to drink lots of water, and see how much better you feel.

The other commenters are both correct.

1) your body had to work harder to stay cool; pumping more blood to you skin surface to dump heat and utter associated steps.

2) your skin was absorbing UV and has to deal with the damage. Some of your skins cells literally died and your body is now dealing with the waste products. The reason we get sunburns is because the skin was damaged and is literally killing itself off to avoid becoming cancer (or at least trying to). Obviously, your skin is constantly shedding a sun growing new skin. Now it has to grow a whole lot more than it would have otherwise. And that takes energy.

For a more jokey answer, relaxing is the most tiring activity, the only one you can’t stop and take a break from.

UV rays do a lot of damage to your skin. While sunlight is good for your brain and vitamin D, it’s really bad for your skin. Your skin cells will destroy themselves to keep themselves from becoming cancerous. Your immune system then has to clean up those dead cells. This process consumes a lot of energy and leaves you feeling tired.