Why do we feel stomach pain?



I’ve been looking for this online, but it doesn’t answer the specific question i’m looking for so i’m asking here.

The question is not what can cause stomach pain but why the belly hurts, is it bacteria or the blockage that cause it?

I would really like to know.

In: Biology

I’m not sure if I’m completely answering your question, but the reason we feel stomach pain is because we have both tastebuds and pain receptive nerves that are present in the stomach lining — it is very similar to our mouth, but filled with more acid.

Our intestines also have pain sensing nerves around them. Much of what is called ‘stomach pain’ is gas in the small intestine created by bacteria. As it is released, we get pockets of it building up and stretching the intestine, putting pressure on those nerves.

There are other types of pain associated with the stomach and esophagus and the nerves they have.