Why do we get birthmarks and are they useful for our body?


Why do we get birthmarks and are they useful for our body?

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There’s no reason. Sometimes there’s a genetic component and sometimes just a random. They don’t serve any purpose, they’re just there. The majority of them are harmless, a very tiny percentage can have an increased risk of developing skin cancer later in life.

In many birthmarks, the cells have a genetic mutation that caused them to grow differently.

Every time cell divides is has to copy its dna so each new cell has a full set of dna to tell it what to do. With each division, there is a chance that there is a mistake made somewhere in the copying process (a mutation). These mutations often cause absolutely no problems, other times it can cause the cell to die, and sometimes it tells the cell to behave differently than it would have without the mutation.

In many birthmarks, both the pigmented brown ones and the vascular red/purple ones, it is often there has been a mutation that has occurred in that are of cells (only this area, not the whole body) that has been the reason that these cells have behaved different Ed and grown excessively, leading to the birthmark.

Birthmarks don’t have any advantage to us. They will in rare cases reflect an underlying genetic condition where the mutation affects all cells and there maybe other problems arise from it, and the birthmark is a hint to that diagnosis. But most are harmless little marks.