why do we get headaches?



why do we get headaches?

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It can be from trauma to the brain, dehydration, withdrawl, stress, and several other causes. If you’re having headaches every day, you might have a migraine or a concussion. In either case, you should probably see a doctor.

Headaches are really poorly understood. It’s not entirely known why we get them.

There are though a few ideas.

One is that they’re muscular aches in the shoulders, neck and head and this causes the pain of a headache. You don’t always feel pain exactly where it’s coming from.

Another is that the tissues around the brain for some reason become hyper sensitive and then the brain misinterprets signals coming from them as pain.

And another is that the brain just goes, “I’m going to make you feel pain for absolutely no good reason,” which then results in a headache.

Constriction of the capalaries that run through your brain. The reason why these constrict is not known. This is why soaking your feet in freezing water will reduce headaches; you’re forcing the blood to rush to your feet to warm them, meaning less blood in your shrunk capalaries. I also often utilize very hot showers to again, make he blood go away from my head.