Why do we have business days?


Such as Monday- Friday. Why can’t certain things be done on Saturday and Sunday?

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Saturday is holy for Jews, Sunday for Christians and Friday for Muslims. In these days, people can easily pray and follow their religious practices.

This practice has been around for a long time. It allows the hardworking people to rest and be able to follow their beliefs in the important days.

The more immediate reason is that you won’t find qualified employees to work on weekends in a lot of jobs. Whether the origin of the weekend is religious or not, most of the population (especially qualified office workers, which form THE greater bulk of our workforce) would balk at working weekends whether they were paid more or not. Most of society has been revolving around this cycle by now, whatever its origin.

The only places where working weekend are a thing are low paying domains where workers are more easy to replace, and often more desperate, or in places where you HAVE to have someone on the weekends, in which case it will cost what it will cost. Think construction paying double or triple hourly rate to work weekend, people in IT being paid extra just to be on call, on top of their overtime pay if they have to fix something in an emergency. Or factories which require to run 24/7, which pay a lot more but require weird schedules where you’re on a few days, off a few days, then switch night time, 12 hour shifts. Or hospitals, where not working on the weekend is a luxury.