Why do we have to actually ingest food to enjoy it?


The other day I was eating some junk food and wishing there was a way I could just enjoy the taste of the food instead of it actually going into my body.

But if you were to just chew it then spit it out, it would be extremely unsatisfying and probably worse then just not putting it in your mouth at all.

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The only reason the food tastes good to you, is your bodys way of saying it want it.

You can just chew it and spit it out, like a chewing gum, but it obviously wont help on hunger.

You are describing a eating disorder. Plenty of people gorge themselves and then purge the food by vomiting.

Because the ability to acquire **so much food** that you can waste the calories by spiting it out didn’t exist until the last fraction of a second and our bodies still think it’s the year 1 million BC

it wouldn’t make sense for an organism in nature to evolve such a behavior. food tastes good as a way to “trick” your monkey brain into continue this basic ass primordial-slug behavior known as “eating so I don’t die”

Somewhat related, this leads a good technique for drinking sugary drinks. A cup of fruit punch lasts way longer if you just hold a sip in your mouth for a while before swallowing. You still enjoy the flavor while drinking way less.

Is this even true? When I’m at the bottom of a weight cut and craving something, I’ll chew and spit it out. Satisfies the craving for me