Why do we like listening to sad music when we’re sad?



I’ve always been curious why we do that. Of course I can’t speak for everybody, but I know that myself, and many others listen to sad music when we’re sad.

Wouldn’t it make more sense for us to have the desire to listen to upbeat happy music to make us feel a little better?

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I’m the same way. If I’m sad I just feel like being sad. It’s weird to want to feel that way but I think a good cry is good for you sometimes

maybe taking solace in the fact that others have felt this way before? that it’s okay to be sad, and to embrace the emotion fully, and to feel connected to others? sadness is a very lonely emotion, especially when it’s not due to some kind of universal event

Oddly enough, the Pixar movie “Inside Out” explains it pretty well I think. It’s ok to BE sad. Sometimes in order to cope with the situation and move on from it, the emotions just need to be embraced rather than ignored. Embracing those emotions sometimes means bawling for an hour listening to sad songs.