Why do we lose hearing during a big yawn?



Why do we lose hearing during a big yawn?

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When you yawn you open your jaw wide, this tenses a muscle called the Tensor Tympani. When this happens your eardrums tighten which makes it vibrate less and transmit less sound.

Uhh…I don’t think going deaf when you yawn is at all normal? I can hear perfectly fine no matter the size of my yawn.

I’m also pretty sure what you (and I) are experiencing is very rare in people. Not everyone can make the tympani tensor muscle vibrate. I Can vibrate my tensor tympani on demand, without yawning or opening my jaw. While others can’t hear it vibrate at all.

I ain’t an ear expert tho, so correct me if I’m wrong 🙂

I hear a roaring noise when I yawn and have some kind of valve in my ears that I can open and it amplifies any noises I make like humming.

Did anyone else yawn after reading the post?